Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pre-Partum Blues

First things first - I'm not pregnant.

I meant pre-partum from Portland.

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm so excited to move and, yes, I am but...

I'm also sad to leave Portland. I've lived here 7 years, the longest I've ever lived anywhere I wasn't born. This is my home or at least one of my homes. In some ways, this is where my life, adult life, began, this is where I grew up. And it's beautiful, artsy, weird, green, near the mountains and coast, and home to most of my current friends.

It would seem that the move would be more real because of the piles of moving boxes I've been filling and this morning put into the moving "pod" or selling my kitchen table and chairs. But it really hits me when I realize I will have to change all my car radio presets or when especially when I check the weather and realize I don't need a full 10-day forecast anymore.

So yes, I'm excited and hopeful about the future, but some of my heart stays here.

I also have to say thanks to everyone who helped me move today: Elizabeth, Laura, Sara, David, Jeff, and Jon...I couldn't have done it without you.

Monday, July 24, 2006

I'm Back But I'm Also Leaving

I'm back on this blog thing...I'm moving out of Oregon.

A lot has happened since my last post a month ago. I took the NCLEX (the licensing boards for nurses) and passed. I guess I said that in the last post but it's a big deal!!!

I had been thinking about moving when I graduated for a while and finally decided that I would do it. I'm moving to Salt Lake City.

KaRyn, a friend from Portland who now lives in SLC, came to visit for July 4th so I drove back with her and then stayed through Sunday. I spent all of Thursday walking around looking for an apartment. SLC has lots of hills and my calves were so tight the next day. I found a cute apartment in an old house that is now 4 apartments in the Avenues section on SLC.

Then on Friday I had 4 interviews. I accepted a job at the University of Utah hospital on a telemetry floor (that's cardiac monitoring). Everyone I met on that floor from the manager to the person who gave me a tour to a nursing student who introduced himself were so incredibly friendly, I think it will be a great place to work. Now I just have to buy scrubs.

Things are going well, although it is far too hot in Portland to want to spend any time packing boxes, it's hard enough to ever want to do that, but especially when it's 100 degrees in the non-air-conditioned Pacific NW. More on the packing, move, and thoughts on that later.