Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Walk to Remember

I like to think I'm a simple girl with simple wants. I'm happy with my 1 BR/1 BA apt, 10 year old car, and Target/Old Navy-filled closet. Lately, I've been enjoying the fall weather with urban hiking around my neighborhood instead of being indoors at the gym. Like I said; simple girl, doesn't even need the gym.

I live in NW Portland, so to make it a hike, I've been taking the stairs up the side of the hills and the steep streets. But... this route takes me right past some gorgeous houses. At the very top of Fairfax Terrace there's a house with what I think were a Lichtenstein in the foyer and a Calder on the deck.

A little bit down the hill is my favorite house. It's for sale, I might be able to buy it with 9 of my closest friends. But I love it!
Maybe I am a simple girl, willing to settle for no famous art. I'd be happy with a simple 4 BRs and an amazing view.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Contains Live and Active Cultures*

Today, at a Labor Day BBQ, the conversation turned to honey, that's normal right? Someone then said that true vegans don't eat honey. We started talking about the other things vegans don't eat and I waxed poetic about my love of most things dairy. Here's my new favorite find. Tart Frozen Yogurt. And thanks to Dreyer's, it's available in your grocer's freezer in large containers (although not as large as they used to be, grrr!) So far I've only tried the mango but I have plans to try the others and so should you.

*Doesn't that sound more like a hazmat warning than a selling point?