Thursday, March 27, 2008

Found: My Dream Car

Last year I was a guest blogger on {frolic!} and mentioned that an old BMW is my dream car. Well, I just found one on eBay. The only way it could be better is if it were dark red. Why don't I have a garage! There's no way I'd park this shiny new paint on the street! Someday, I will own one of these!

Or, another option if you were thinking of buying it for me... Lately, I've also started loving old Mercedes. The ones with the hubcaps painted the same color as the car, plus they are often diesel so I could make it a biodiesel. How awesome are those!

Original post from {frolic!}

{guest blogger ansley: dream cars}

Do you have a dream car? When I'm being practical I would say something like a Toyota Prius or Hybrid Civic. But my real dream car is a BMW, an old one like a 1973 BMW 2002 (I think the convertible is a 1600). But I have to wait either until I can afford to completely restore it with new interior, new engine, and chrome trim on everything, or wait till I get married so I always have someone to call when it won't start. These pictures are great (especially the lederhosen) but to me, the ideal color is a shiny deep maroon.

Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm on the Oregon Trail

I might as well post this since google reader let people in on the news already. I had never used google reader. Wow, I'm a fan! None of this news is finalized and I had hoped it would be by now so I was waiting to post it but here it is...

Here's the big news. I'm only doing one more travel assignment and it's in Oregon. Salem to be exact. It's not quite Portland but it's as close as I could get a travel assignment. So why a travel assignment since I want to stay. Well, I'll make more and they find the housing, pay for it, and furnish the apartment. Remember, I sold all my furniture when I started this travel thing. I only own one chair and it's at my mom's in Utah. So taking this assignment will give me time to start getting some furniture for when I move up to Portland. Plus I'll be able to save a bit more towards the furniture and hopefully a down payment eventually. So I think I'm going to spend more time looking at real estate. And lots of time looking at design magazines and websites. I haven't gotten to pick out furniture in a while, right now, EVERYTHING is beige! I need to remember how to put it all together.

If I could buy a place right now, without any thought to practicality or getting my money's worth, this condo would be it. I could probably swing it but I would have to love being in my house because I wouldn't be able to afford ever going out. So pretty, in a great neighborhood. Look at all that light, the windows, the molding and tile, the private courtyard...I'm pretty sure I'm breaking the 10th commandment, that one about not coveting thy neighbor's house. (btw, the 1st picture's a bit misleading, it's just a part of this huge, beautiful house)

My new theme song: Oregon Girl

Friday, March 21, 2008

Everything's Bigger In Texas - Part II

I have so much to catch-up on. Sorry to those who hate sentences ending in prepositions. I couldn't quite fix that one, even if I said - I have so much on which I need to catch-up, that's still a preposition.

The soap dispenser at the movies. How often do you think they have to refill it?
And this toilet paper dispenser at the Salt Lick. That's 7 rolls, y'all, and plenty of room for a few more.
Why are all the photos in bathrooms. I really have seen other things here.

The Salt Lick is about 40 minutes away but the best BBQ I have ever had! I had the chicken, I don't eat beef or pork but friends said it was good too. And I had leftovers for 2 days. If you ever get to Austin, you have to go there.

And there was one other thing that's bigger in TX - SXSW - More on that later...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One Step Beyond

Madness - shoe madness. Have you seen these at J Crew... Why don't I have an unlimited shoe budget? Can you tell I have a weakness for peep-toe mary janes?

Free Music, Come and Get It

My friend, KaRyn, recently lost all her music. To help out, I re-uploaded some mixes I made a while ago and sent them to her. Anyway, thought I would share them with the rest of you too. You may already have the first one from an old post.

Mix #1

Butterfly Nets - Bishop Allen
Chariot - Page France
Just Like Honey - The Jesus and Mary Chain
Suspicious Minds - Pete Yorn
Tonight I Have to Leave It - The Shout Out Louds
Uh - Fijiya & Miyagi
I Wish - Stevie Wonder
AM Slow Golden Hit - Hotel Lights
Sunshine - Matt Costa
The Thanks I Get - Wilco
Heartbeats - Jose Gonzales
Can't Stop the Rock - Sister Vanilla
Got To Give It Up (Part 1) - Marvin Gaye
Oh Girl - The Chi-Lites
Ice Cream Man - Tom Waits
7 Stars - Apples in Stereo
Trapeze Swinger - Iron & Wine
Nightswimming - REM
Inside & Out - Feist
Ooh La La - The Faces

Mix #2

Made for Tamara when she was trying to decide between moving to LA or NYC (she picked NYC). So the songs are all on that theme, I included the rationale for each because some aren't so obvious.

Portland Is Leaving - Rocky Votolato - Cause you’re leaving Portland :(
Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac - You can go any way you want
Marching Bands of Manhattan - Death Cab for Cutie
California - Phantom Planet
Brooklyn Phone Call - All Girl Summer Fun Band
Ooh La La - Goldfrapp - People call LA la, la land
Snow Like This - The Softies - It snows in NYC
California Dreamin’ - The Mamas and the Papas
Around the Way Girl - LL Cool J - What’s more NYC than a Fendi bag, a bad attitude, and bamboo earrings?
Sunshine - Matt Costa - Lots of this in LA
How To Be Dead - Snow Patrol - Ignore the title, but again, there’s snow in NYC
Touch the Sky - Kanye West - West, get it? Plus it’s just a great song.
Brooklyn Stars - Matt Pond PA
My California Love - Ryan Adams
The Only Living Boy in New York - Simon & Garfunkel
Do It Again - Nada Surf - They surf in LA, plus I love the chorus about the weight being a gift so we can learn how much we can lift
No Sleep Till Brooklyn - Beastie Boys - OK, this might be more NYC than LL
Going to California - Led Zeppelin
New York, New York - Ryan Adams - This guy’s like you, can’t decide between the two, see his earlier song
L.A. - Elliott Smith
City Love - John Mayer
All the Pretty Girls Go to the City - Spoon - Either one you choose, this is true
Ooh Child - The Five Stairsteps - Just another great song to help you relax

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Water Water Everywhere

Coleridge knew the importance of fresh, clean water.

After I've worked a busy 12 hour shift without stopping enough to drink, I know it too.

So I'm really excited and happy to post about this event. The Tap Project is partnering with UNICEF to raise money to provide clean water to more children throughout the world. Did you know that lack of clean and accessible drinking water is the second largest worldwide killer of children under five.

Here's the info: Beginning Sunday, March 16 through Saturday, March 22, restaurants will invite their customers to donate a minimum of $1 for the tap water they would normally get for free. For every dollar raised, a child will have clean drinking water for 40 days. For a list of restaurants in your area, visit the website.

Drink Up!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Let The Sun Shine!

It's 7:26 and the sun is still shining! Summer's coming!