Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Love Reaffirmed

I love NPR. And here in DC, although it's a big city with lots of colleges, the radio stinks. Which means I listen to NPR almost constantly in my car. And today, while driving to Trader Joe's (about half my credit card bill is there every month), I was reminded of why I love NPR. Here's something I never thought I would see together in a sentence - NPR reviewed the new album by Britney Spears, and actually gave it a positive review. Hearing this reminds me of what I love about myself and also so many of my friends. The intelligent, serious, responsible side that also holds a funny side that loves pop culture. Nothing like hearing the Fresh Aire credits being read over a little Britney.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Homemade Christmas

I love this season. I love the spiritual side of it and all that means. But I also love the chill in the air, the hot chocolate, the sweaters, the lights in windows and on trees, time with family, cooking big dinners, and the music. But one thing I don't like is the overconsumption. It doesn't affect me too much since I don't have any kids so I'm not tempted/guilt-tripped into buying lots of plastic toys that will only be used for a few days. I'm single, and while there are plenty of things I don't like about that, one good thing... it is much easier to make changes in my life, to become more like the person I want to be, because I am the only person who has to make the effort and the change.

So, this year, I want to make/buy more homemade gifts for Christmas. I would love to have it be a completely homemade Christmas but I really want an iPod dock and I don't know any engineers who can make me one...

This year with stores like Etsy and about a month till Christmas, I have plenty of time to make/buy some homemade things, and so do you!!!

So many ideas for a homemade Christmas...

Cute garlands made of fabric leaves from wisecraft. You could also do garlands of trees, ornaments, wreaths, spell out "Merry Christmas" or lots of other things.

A velvet/ribbon belt would be so cute with a simple dress, you could make a headband instead or to match. Or modify it to wear with a flannel belted coat.

This super-cute little photo album. You could make one for each person as a place card. You could make it a book of Christmases past or "a year in review" of family events.

Make beeswax candles, all you have to do is roll them, so easy. Order wax sheets here, or skip all the work and order handmade candles on etsy.

Sew, Mama, Sew has too many good ideas to list them all, so go have a look. Some of my favorites are the Aprons (Nov 1), Tote bags (Nov 5), Fabric ornaments (Nov 9), Sachet & Therapy Pillows (Nov 24), and Embellish! (Nov 26).

I love Advent calendars. Every year my grandma used to send me a cardboard one with a chocolate piece behind each door. has lots of ideas for making them.

Help a friend, offer to paint a room, decorate something, hang curtains, make them some throw pillows, whatever. Everytime they see the room, pull open the curtains, or curl up with the pillow, they'll be so grateful and happy.

And while not quite in the homemade category, I think books and magazines that inspire you to dream, be more creative, or learn new things should be allowed. Here are a few I would like...

Eat, Pray, Love
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
Dwell Magazine
Domino Magazine
Real Simple Magazine

Any ideas out there?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Line That Divides Man and Bum

Am I turning into George Costanza?

I live in a large apartment building with a big wall of mailboxes and a big trash can for unwanted mail for those who don't recycle. Yesterday, I checked the mail, and sitting on top of the trash can was an issue of The New Yorker and an issue of Elle Decor. They were on top of the can, not in it, not sitting near the top but technically below the brim, but ON TOP. Anyway, they aren't there anymore, they are now on my bedside table. Is that gross or just environmentally conscious since I'm reusing and I'll recycle them when I'm done?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

My So-Called Almost-Lost Weekend

I just got this in the mail today. I have fun plans for the weekend so I won't get to watch too much of it, which is good. I am very tempted to watch it all in one long marathon.

Mmmmm, Jordan Catalano, even with his reading problems and calling Brian, Brain.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


This website of amazing photography reminded me of three things.

1) William Fitchner should be added to weird crush list.

2) Zachary Levi should be added to the totally understandable crush list.

3) Overall, people are beautiful, I realize these are celebrities styled for photos but still there is something in the eyes of anyone in a photograph like this, that tries to capture their soul, their desires, their strength, and gets at least some of it.

And that Eugene Levy photo on page 3 of celebrity is priceless.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Honk! Ooops, Sorry I'm Not From Around Here

So I have Utah plates on my car which is nice when I do something stupid on these crazy Northern VA roads.

This week I worked W, Th, and Fri nights, meaning that I left work around 7:30am the next day.

Thursday night, going to work, my car was acting a bit funny and I realized I hadn't changed the oil since driving here. So Friday morning, I wanted to stop on the way home and pick up a few quarts of oil to get me through the week till I could get it changed. In a combination of sleepiness and being new to the area, I took the exit before mine, thinking I would pass a store on the way home. Then I remembered I had done that before and there is nothing on that road. So then I turned around and, long story short, spent almost 90 minutes driving around, figuring out where I was, using my trusty map, buying oil, and getting home.

The next day, Saturday morning, on my way home, I thought it would be nice to swing by the farmers' market in Old Town Alexandria. The best way to get there is take the exit just past mine. Well, somehow I missed it, and it's the last exit before you go over the Potomac river into Maryland. No problem, I'll just take a Maryland exit, turn around, and take I-495 back over the Potomac into Virginia. EXCEPT...the traffic in that direction was backed up for at least 5 miles, completely stopped. That pretty river I like on almost every other day means you can't just take side streets back, you need a bridge. So again I turned to my trusty map, took a side road up into DC, onto the 395, over the Potomac in a different spot, and came down Route 1 into Old Town and to the farmers' market. It was small but nice, bought some eggplant, peppers, and apples.

But I have now resolved no pit stops on the way home from work unless I know exactly where I am going.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

I'm Getting In Late But I'm Still In

Apparently November is National Blog Posting Month. I've been quite the blog slacker lately and this may be just the kick in the rear I need. Lots of people are celebrating by posting everyday. Well, I've already missed the first few days and probably won't post everyday with my work schedule, but I am going to try to post more. No guarantee I won't sacrifice quality for quantity.

P.S. I also updated my blog's color scheme in honor of my new determination.