Sunday, November 04, 2007

Honk! Ooops, Sorry I'm Not From Around Here

So I have Utah plates on my car which is nice when I do something stupid on these crazy Northern VA roads.

This week I worked W, Th, and Fri nights, meaning that I left work around 7:30am the next day.

Thursday night, going to work, my car was acting a bit funny and I realized I hadn't changed the oil since driving here. So Friday morning, I wanted to stop on the way home and pick up a few quarts of oil to get me through the week till I could get it changed. In a combination of sleepiness and being new to the area, I took the exit before mine, thinking I would pass a store on the way home. Then I remembered I had done that before and there is nothing on that road. So then I turned around and, long story short, spent almost 90 minutes driving around, figuring out where I was, using my trusty map, buying oil, and getting home.

The next day, Saturday morning, on my way home, I thought it would be nice to swing by the farmers' market in Old Town Alexandria. The best way to get there is take the exit just past mine. Well, somehow I missed it, and it's the last exit before you go over the Potomac river into Maryland. No problem, I'll just take a Maryland exit, turn around, and take I-495 back over the Potomac into Virginia. EXCEPT...the traffic in that direction was backed up for at least 5 miles, completely stopped. That pretty river I like on almost every other day means you can't just take side streets back, you need a bridge. So again I turned to my trusty map, took a side road up into DC, onto the 395, over the Potomac in a different spot, and came down Route 1 into Old Town and to the farmers' market. It was small but nice, bought some eggplant, peppers, and apples.

But I have now resolved no pit stops on the way home from work unless I know exactly where I am going.


Marie said...

I kind of like getting lost in new places (as long as I'm not in a hurry) because there's the chance of stumbling on something totally unexpected and interesting (and bloggable).

But please try to not do anything too crazy with those UT plates -- our reputation's already shot!

Sara said...

I was completely expecting to read that because of the 90 minute side trip your car completely ran out of oil and your car stopped working, but not after the engine went caput and steam started billowing out from under the hood. Of course, it would happen right in front a place full of dangerous looking men that would terrorize you. But wait, they really have a heart of gold, and you are just the person to make them realize that. You all break into song and they fix your car for free and you meet a cute guy.

But alas, this didn't least not that you are telling us.

Tamara said...

i'm just glad that your car still works! :)

you can always CALL ME for help! if i don't remember directions, i can always use the google for ya.