Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Top 5: Ridiculous Crushes

Sure, I could tell you about my sensible crushes, although "sensible crush" may be an oxymoron. But you know what I mean, the cute/hot guys that every girl would like. But if every girl would like them, what's exciting about that? So here are a few of my ridiculous crushes...

1) David Letterman - He's in the #1 spot because I've crushed on him the longest, you could ask my college roommates, this crush has been around since I was about 19. It makes very little sense. He is funny, sarcastic in an endearing way (while it could get annoying very quickly, I only get to spend short bits of time with him and it's a very one-sided interchange). But he's also quite a bit older than me, he's even older than my dad! Call me crazy but I love the gap in his teeth, the amazing suits and ties, his funny political humor and can even overlook the white socks with black shoes. I know! He's the only one who can do this. Not sure if the crush could withstand a short-sleeved dress shirt Dave, so don't push it. Plus he was the executive producer of Ed, starring a more-sensible crush, Tom Cavanagh, as Edward J. Stevens.

2) Philip Seymour Hoffman - He's not cute, he's not handsome. He often plays schlubby, slightly rundown characters and yet he's one of those actors who seems to look best in films and even more scruffy and "auto-mechanicy" in real life. And yet, there's something there. Maybe it's because he's such a great actor, maybe it's his voice, and maybe cliches become cliches because they are so often true...love is blind.

3) The Verizon Guy - A friend of mine worked for Verizon when this campaign was new. She told me that I would like the guy in the new ads. And yep, she was right. Give me a dark-haired, nerdy guy in glasses and I'm happy.

4) Clinton Kelly - This crush is ridiculous for different reasons. Clinton Kelly is "really, really good looking," he's just not that into girls. But I still love him. He's a great dresser, his website makes me swoon and laugh all at the same time. Those photos of him in the intro are so perfect, the cowboy in the arctic, the suit and cell phone in the jungle. The interview with himself is so funny. In contrast to Stacey London's sometimes shrill, harsh comments, he's the voice of kindness, reason, and humor on What Not to Wear. I can't even imagine how fun it would be to spend 2 days shopping with him.

5) George Clooney - Ok, Ok, I know, this really falls in the category of lots of other girls think he's hot too. I'm not breaking any new ground here. But when I'm more realistic, this is a pretty ridiculous crush. He's George Clooney!!! He's famous, rich, and lives in Italy. He's smart, a humanitarian, seems to use his celebrity status to do some good. And just when the news broke that he's dating a "normal" girl, they had to go and mention that she's only 28.

Any secret ridiculous crushes out there???


Chelsea said...

I loved Ed! I had a crush on Tom Cavanagh... he's just such a nice guy (and seems to be in real life too).

I have lots of weird crushes that people gawk at. I often mistake homeless people for hot hipsters and stop myself mid sentence in my declaration.

Tamara said...

i saw the new george clooney today and thought of you the whole time.

i have crushes on my friends. girl crushes and boy crushes. the girls i wish i were more like. the boys... well, i just want to kiss them i think.

i heart johnny depp and val kilmer. they're smart but... i dunno. are they cute anymore??

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Chelsea - Wasn't Ed the best show ever?! And I think there was an Arrested Development episode about Lindsay Funke thinking a guy was cute and scruffy and then maybe thinking he was homeless only to find out he was actually an actor playng a homeless guy.

Tam - How was the movie? And if Johnny Depp isn't cute anymore, it's only because he has graduated to hot. Not sure about Val Kilmer.

Sara said...

Johnny Depp still cute, Val Kilmer not so much. Some of my crushes, just off the cuff:
- Clive Owen
- Hugh Laurie
- Christian Bale
- Jon Stewart
- Jason Bateman

However, when I was a teenager, I had a big crush on Ivan Lendl.

Tamara said...

i think, if nothing else, this goes to show that we all have our "types." y'know?
do you remember that song by The Jets, "I Gotta Crush On You"? A goodie.

I still think that guy who played the lawn boy on Desperate Housewives is yummy.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Sara - I love Jon Stewart! Those other guys are good too but JS has been a favorite for a long time, about as long as Dave Letterman but JS makes more sense. You're on your own with Ivan Lendl.

Sara said...

I was on my own even when I had the crush on Ivan in junior high school.

A few of us went to see the band The Pipettes last night and we started talking about this topic (courtesy of the blog, of course!) when Wipf indicated he had never really had that many famous people crushes all at once.

Maybe it's a female thing then, because the women had no trouble constantly adding to our lists. Oh yeah, another one for me: Rufus Sewell.

Marie said...

Sara has me to thank for Clive Owen -- I foretold his fame in the early 90s when I saw him in the BBC production of Precious Bane. A human that beautiful cannot stay hidden for long.

I have long adored Hugh Laurie, but I don't trust his newfound sexiness. I think it might be chemically-induced. I"ve been meaning to blog on that...

I agree with your Dave crush, Ansley, though I miss the edgier Dave of the Velcro-Wall days. I have a weakness for funny, clever men. Conan is HOT. And...

all of the Pythons, even Terry Jones.

Kevin Kline

Somebody open a window.

Also William H. Macy

And Alan Rickman. Everyone thinks I"m insane, but I've got the hots for him. Severus Snape cannot be truly evil, because he's played by Alan.

I could list more really odd crushes, but I'll stop now.

Sara said...

Ooh, Alan Rickman. Truly, Madly, Deeply....nuf said.

Lizzy said...

David Letterman (already discussed)
Colin Meloy (Decemberists' lead singer - he's funny, morbid and smart)
Jamie Oliver (The Naked Chef - he's cute and he has a british accent and makes good food in a macho kind of hot way)
Dave Eggers (writer - he's sarcastic and generous and he writes what's in my head)
John Pence (Caprial's husband - he wears cute glasses and he cooks and he is funny)

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Lizzy - Yes! I love John Pence and not just because he's cute, wears glasses, and cooks, but also because he puts up with Caprial. Not that I know her personally but on their show, sometimes she seems to edge slightly over the line between teasing and nagging/chastising and he always just smiles and moves on.

Annette G said...

I finally figured out how to post a blog. I can be so remedial at times.

I have to add Mike Rowe (the guy who does the Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel) to the crush list. He is more than funny - borderline hilarious, he sings opera and obviously, doesn't mind getting his hands dirty. Yum.