Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's Hard Out There For A Nurse

Or maybe I should say it's hard in there, at the hospital...

I really like my job but there are bad days and just plain interesting days.

Last week I decided to buy some new scrubs. Most of mine are just the plain v-neck solid color variety. I bought a new top - hot pink, empire waist with a ribbon that ties in the back. Well the first time I wore it, a patient (who weighed over 400 pounds) asked if I were pregnant. Then when I said, "No," she said, "When am I going to learn not to ask that question?" Her very next question was, "So did you just have a baby?" Uh no, and how is that not basically just as bad as the first question?

Then a few days later, I was getting report on my patients. The nurse I was replacing told me about her patient. She had told him I would be his nurse and that I was cute. Then when I walked in the room and introduced myself, the patient said, "You're my nurse?!" Now any cognitive behavioralist will tell you I am reading the italics into that sentence but it sure seemed like it didn't fit his idea of "cute."

On Valentine's, I had to work and stopped by my mom's on the way. My hair, which I was just about to get cut in 2 days, was in a ponytail. It's only long enough to do that for the few days before each haircut. My mom said, "Your bangs look really nice swept back like that." I said, "It's just a ponytail." She laughed and said, "I know. Did you notice I didn't say it looked nice the in the back?"

A few weeks ago I went to a blood drive on my way to work. I have given blood so many times before and never had a problem with it. Well, I was done around 6pm, went to work and at about 8pm, I was in a patient's room and felt light-headed. I excused myself, sat in the first chair I could find, and asked someone to get me some water. I felt better pretty quickly and had some apple juice and cookies. Then about an hour later, it happen again. But so much worse. I not only felt light-headed, but sweaty, couldn't hear very well and sitting down didn't help at all. Some co-workers helped me lie down on the floor at the nurse's station, in the middle of everything. After a few minutes I felt better and sat up. At that point, everyone could see me and asked what happened. So the charge nusre took me in the conference room and started an IV and ran in a liter of normal saline. Then I just stayed the rest of the night and did my job feeling much better but still with an IV in my hand.

But I guess I'm over it all... I will still wear the top, will try to give blood at least once more, and will definitely wear a ponytail for the few days I can every 6 weeks.


Tamara said...

Oh my! You're brave!!! I'm so scared of those big needles! But I guess you're way too used to them!
Keep wearing that HOT pink!!! :)

Sara McOllie said...

When do we get to see a photo of the hot pink scrubs?

I miss giving blood. I'm afraid that by the time they figure out a way to test for mad cow, it will have been so long that I will just freak out and forgo the whole experience again.

But IV's Yikes.

FireFly said...

What bummerness!
I've had that pregnant comment to me too (before the real thing) It's never nice :(
I say keep with the Hot pink too.and show us a picture.

Chelsea said...

Bad stuff happens all at once and in cycles. Which means...lots and lots of good stuff is on the way!!