Sunday, March 11, 2007

Word Slingers

Tonight, the lovely Heather Roberts had people over to play Scrabble and sip tea. And even though her very detailed post, complete with photos and word lists, pretty much covers it all, it was such a delightful evening I just had to mention it myself.

We played two rounds, the first as sticklers for the rules. In that round the best words were maven, covens, and revamper.

Then we threw the rules and dictionaries (yes there were several) out the window. We could make up any words we wanted as long as we could pronounce it, define it, and use it in a sentence. Two of my favorites were grofecyz (prophecies you don't really like and make you kind of gruff) and blirreaz (when an oil spill makes the environment around it blurry. Although we liked this one so much we also applied it to anything blurry or blizzard-like). I also really liked Heather's use of 3 consecutive N's in a word I'm not sure I could spell again.

The tea was delicious, the popcorn was addictive, and I made scones. Yep, I could have just put the recipe here, but I'm trying to promote the other blog.


Sara McOllie said...

One of the best scrabble words I have ever seen was when my grandma (who ordered the new scrabble dictionary from Amazon as soon as it became available) played quean. We thought maybe her medication had really adled her brain, but it turns out to be a real word...and she knew the definition. Pronounced just like 'queen', it has quite the seedy definition as 'quean' is a harlot.

heatherlynn said...

ansley--you are terribly cute! guess what? i've been thinking about scrabble daily since then. another go in the future will be necessary!

ooooo i love the word "quean"! i will use it this week--and, of course, have to spell it for folks after i use it. regardless of whether or not they ask.