Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Am I Playing Favorites If I Like It All?

'Tis better to give than receive; so I'm giving thanks for what I have received.

I know it has been about a month since Christmas but maybe that is the requisite amount of time to really break-in the Christmas gifts and form concrete opinions about them. Christmas is different now that I am older. I have more specific tastes, I don't just want a thing but very specific version of that thing - brand, style, and color. Also, theoretically, as I get older I can just buy what I want myself, making it harder to come up with a wishlist. This year, that wasn't really true since I'm a full-time student and I quit my very part-time job just before Halloween. So I had a wishlist and it was so fun to get things I had wanted but couldn't buy myself. Here are my 3 favorite presents from my wonderful and generous parents.

1) Braun/Oral-B Professional Care 8850 DLX Power Toothbrush. I have wanted one of these for several years but could never justify spending more on this than the cumulative total cost of every toothbrush I have ever bought. I am now truly converted! It was worth every penny, I know that's easy to say when it was someone else's money, but it really is, I could do their commercials. My teeth are so shiny and whiter and I feel like I just left the dentist every morning and night.

2) Arrested Development Season 1 and 2 DVDs. What a brillant show, bittersweet to watch with the cancellation rumors, but so funny. I can see the few episodes I missed, enjoy the extras, and increase my crush on Jason Bateman. And now my dad is hooked too, we watched the first season together and I left the season 2 DVDs with him so he could watch them (I just got them back in the mail so now I can sleep through the night having them back in my custody).

3) Black oiled professional Dansko clogs. I fell in love with another pair of Danskos during my clinical rotations for nursing school. So many people told me that I needed them for nursing and after 8 hours on my feet at the hospital, I can tell you there were right. But those shoes are bright white, soles and all. I'm getting older and care less what other people think about my fashion sense but still couldn't bring myself to wear them in public with jeans. Now I have a respectable pair of black ones that are possibly even more comfy than the white ones.

I still smile everytime I use any of these things so it's good I got that super-fancy toothbrush.

What are some of your favorite presents, received or given?


Tamara said...

*My temple dress from Darren & Rene'
*Money from my mom
*A cute sweater from Rene's family

I was most excited after I had bought a present for Rene'. We went shopping together a few days later and she saw the exact earrings I'd bought for her and said she loved them! I loved knowing that I'd picked something she would like!

Kelly said...

I got the best coat from Dylan. It has been super cold, so I use it pretty much everyday.

We also got a TiVo. I am completely hooked on only watching what I wanna watch. Dylan loves his Sports Center too!:)

Tamara said...

I think I love your coat too, Kelly. Can I have it?

Sara McOllie said...

I love my iPod. Sometimes I get amazed on how quickly I am hooked on the little guy.