Tuesday, April 25, 2006

By The Time We Got To Wordstock, We Were Half A Million Strong

OK maybe not half a million, but this weekend Portland held the Wordstock Festival, a three day "Festival of the Book" with readings, workshops, and a book fair all to benefit Community of Writers, a non-profit that supports writing in the schools.

Last year I went and saw Caprial and John Pence on the cooking stage, Linda Sawaya, who wrote a Lebanese cookbook I bought years ago not knowing she lived in Portland (my great-grandfather is from Lebanon), a screenwriters' panel with Mike Rich and Whitney Otto, and Sarah Vowell and her quirky voice reading from her newest book.

This year I saw Eric Blehm, who wrote about Randy Morgenson, a 28 year veteran park ranger who disappeared, Paul LaRosa, a true crime author, Joyce Carol Oates, and Dave Eggers.

It amazes me that Portland can pull something like this together. It's not like they have one headliner...They had so many authors I wanted to see that it was almost impossible to choose only one each hour.

One of my favorite things this year were the images from the promotional material.

P.S. Dad, I just liked the image, I really like you more than Atticus Finch.

P.P.S. Ellen DeGeneres just mentioned Cash Cab on her show!


Ryan Remains said...

i'm jealous. this is why i miss me my portland.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Ryan - I liked the Vonnegut image but I thought of you when I picked it from about 100 choices. Well, to be honest, I thought of you and the movie "Can't Hardly Wait"

Tamara said...


I'm jealous too.

It sounds as if it were so much fun!!!

Sara McOllie said...

I love my dad, but who doesn't like Atticus Finch more than their dad?

Ryan Remains said...

I love "Can't Hardly Wait," in fact I just watched in on the weekend grave shift.

Thanks for thinking of me.

I'm jealous you got to see Eggers, too.

I finally read You Shall Know Our Velocity!

It rules.