Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bad Grammar Makes Me [Sic]

I recently visited friends at the Jersey shore and all along the boardwalk were examples of bad grammar and spelling, jalapeno popper's, ceaser salad, etc. We were delighted. So imagine my joy when driving home yesterday, I saw a car with a Westminster College sticker and a license plate frame that said "Yeild to the Princess." Way to advertise your education and call it into question at the same time.

I like grammar but know I make my own fair share of mistakes. One of the worst is that now, after learning French on a mission, a language where "there is" and "there are" are the same, I make that mistake all the time in English.

But the bright side is, I know how to use the subjunctive tense.

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lenalou said...

I do enjoy bad grammar/spelling/punctuation examples, and the Westminster one is priceless. Have you read Eats, Shoots and Leaves?