Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My New Glasses

I love glasses. Most of the guys I have dated wore glasses. In 8th grade I lied on the eye exam to get glasses, big red frames, a la Sally Jessy Raphael. I also own a pair of much cuter fake ones from Urban Outfitters.

Well I now have a new pair... Onion goggles.

I have now used them and can testify that they really work. I am extremely sensitive to onions; my eyes water and hurt for hours after cutting them. But not today, today I wore these awesome pink goggles and my eyes feel great. As an added bonus, the guy who sold them to me at In Good Taste told me he wears them on his bike to keep the wind and dirt out of his eyes. And since I bought the pink ones, part of the proceeds go to breast cancer research.

Mmmm, cucumber tomato salad and my mascara's intact; it's a good day!


Tamara said...

so hot.
is that the new 'do? looks good!

Ninny Beth said...

you're too cute! congrats on the onion goggles...who knew they made such things????

Sara McOllie said...

I certainly didn't know they made such things...nor that they would be so cute! I can see why the guy wears them around town on his bike.

BTW, I was in Laughing Planet earlier this week (yummy food) and the girl at the register looked a LOT like you, but not as cute.

Lizzy said...

What a great idea. Onion glasses. I will have to get some of those!