Sunday, August 19, 2007

Like Sands Through the Hourglass...

34 years ago at this moment (5am SC time which is 3am UT time), I was born.

So far it's been pretty good, I spent Friday with my mom, we got lunch, saw Becoming Jane, went to IKEA, got all new bedding, and had dinner. The new bedding:
My dad sent me a woodcut by Kent Ambler that I had seen on my June trip to SC and loved. I already mentioned this when I guest blogged on {frolic!} but I love it enough to mention it at least a few more times. The woodcut:
Saturday I went to the Farmer's Market and Italian Festival with Lena, where I had some gelato. I'm pretty sure it didn't remind her too much of her recent trip to Italy but it was still fun. That night I went to Market Street Grill with friends from work and to see Stardust. So good!

Tonight, Liz is hosting a party. Should be fun.

I like to think that 34 is still "early" 30s but I know it's not. My dad, on the other hand, likes to bring up how I am now in my 35th year. Does he know this makes him older too?

Either way, Happy Birthday To Me. This should be a pretty exciting year. Stay tuned.


Chelsea said...

Happy Birthday, Ansley!

Marie said...

Of course 34 is still early 30s. One through four is early, and five through nine is late. See? Regardless, you're easily the youngest 34 I've ever known. I'dve guessed mid-twenties.

It was fun to talk to you at the party (and fun to eat the yummy appetizers you brought) -- happy birthday!

Sara McOllie said...

Don't worry, I will always be a year older than you. Happy Birthday one day late!

Emily said...

Yay for 30's!!!!!
Happy Birthday

Tamara said...

age ain't nothin' but a numba'...

you're still hot. which, of course, is the most important thing.