Monday, August 27, 2007

The Devil's in the Details

The worst part of moving is the last minute details. Going through my closet is easy compared to the boxes under my bed full of stuff I hardly ever use. How do you get rid of a glue gun? I'm a Mormon girl, I think I got it as a free gift when I bought my scriptures.

Plus today, I had to go to the social security office and apply for a replacement card. The 1 hour wait was made only slightly tolerable by the people watching. Most of it was your average disability claims and other people who'd lost their cards. But there was a group of 3 guys immigrating from Africa. And my favorite was a woman who wanted a new SS number for her daughter because her current number had 666 in it.

I'm excited to move but still have to make it through the rest of the packing, a visit to the mechanic, and a trip to the DMV.


Marie said...

Really? All for a 666?

I love moving in, but moving out is the pits. Good luck. Sharon will be gone by Sept 1 -- if you could use any last-minute help at that point, I'd love to be of use.

Sara McOllie said...

What amazes me about moving is that one always has those weird things left lying about after everything is boxed up. I mean, the stuff had a home with other stuff. Why did it not get packed up with its friends?

Good luck withe move.

Tamara said...

Oh my goodness. "I'm a Mormon girl, I think I got it as a free gift when I bought my scriptures."


You may very well be the funniest person ever. HAAAA!


Tamara said...


Marie said...

Hope the moving trauma was minimal. Awaiting the exciting first-week-in-DC posting...