Friday, September 21, 2007

The Epitome of Superfluous Verbosity

At work last night I noticed that, by the sink, right next to the soap dispenser, there's a lotion dispenser. That's very nice since I have to wash my hands so much they now look like I'm an 80 year old woman who spent every day tanning leather and mixing acid without protective gloves. But the dispenser was covered with unnecessary descriptors. "Ecolab" "Endure 500" "Skin Synergy" "Dermatology Management System". When did the universally understood "Soap" and "Lotion" become so passe?

PS - I promise a cross-country drive and first few weeks in DC update is coming soon.


Tamara said...

i like how "moisturizing lotion" is in small print.
i have to say though, in general, i'm a little iffy about the word "moist."

lenalou said...

It's sometimes exhausting trying to work out what they're selling. If I want a moisturiser with sunscreen, I don't want to have to interpret the difference between "clarifying, light-enhancing system" and "age-defying magical mystery laboratory tested creme."

Looking forward to your trip update!

Sara said...

I've had a few opportunities of washing my hands with what turned out to be lotion because the labels were so screwy and I couldn't easily tell which was which. I did, of course, once the "soap" was lathering up.

Glad you made it to DC. Looking forward to the update.

Marie said...

Yay! She's alive!

"Moist" is one of my two official least-favorite words in the English language. I'm glad I finally have someone on my side!

I"m sure the over-labeling only gets worse in a hospital. However, they're insulting the intelligence of you clever medical types by thinking you'll be fooled by "Skin Synergy." Grief. "Magical Mystery" indeed.

Please provide travelogue ASAP.