Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Barn House Sale

I finally made it!  For months I have been wanting to go to a Barn House sale.  August was way too hot, I was busy in September.  But Saturday was the last one for the year so nothing could keep me away.  I'm sure it is wonderful in the summer with the green grass and fields.  But it was so beautiful in October.  The barn is in the countryside near Battle Ground, WA.  I love Portland and all the evergreens but when you get a bit outside of town, the leaves are all changing and the colors are amazing!  And since it's almost Halloween, there was a gothic theme.  Lots of people in black clothes, top hats, and eyeliners.  So fun!  Plus I bought a brooch. I had been thinking I would like some sort of pin for my scarf.  I love it!
And before we got there, Elizabeth and I decided to go out for breakfast. We were on our way to grab something quick at Ken's Artisan Bakery when we passed 50 Plates. I've mentioned them before and can now also recommend their breakfasts! Not a huge selection but what they do have is excellent I had the sipping chocolate (steamed milk with a chunk of chocolate on a stick you swirl around to mix plus homemade marshmallows) and french toast skewers. Delish!


Amy said...

I've seen something about that place before, and wanted to go but it never made it on to the to-do list. I guess I'll have to wait until spring!

Tamara said...

everything about this blog makes me happy!!!!!!

and i LOVE the header! how'd you do it??!!!

LOVE THE BROOCH! and can we go to 50 plates on my next visit? it'll be in February!

Emily said...


tara said...

i am soooo going to have to go here the next time i visit. wow.

Take-a-Wipf said...

BTW- I was at an interior design awards deal the other night. It's an anual deal where they fly in jurors from around the country. Any way 50 Plates won an award for it's interiors.