Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Can't Resist a Sale

So today I continued my shopping spree.  I got such good deals I thought I should share them with y'all.   You already know I love Crate & Barrel but I adore it even more on sale.  Here are a few things I bought... Pillows, green lacquered boxes, an ottoman, wooden ornaments, box ornaments, spreaders, snowflake trivets, and Christmas dishtowels.

And there was still so much I didn't buy. I left it there for y'all. The Marimekko Tamburiini duvet looks even better in person. Also, right now they are holding the floor sample sale. If anyone needs a sofa, might I suggest the Petrie sofa. I would feel better about not buying it myself if I knew it were going to a good home.


Super Nova said...

i've deleted ALL my crate and barrel sale emails without opening. i am not that strong!

glassmeow said...

Those Green Lacquer Boxes are wonderful! I wonder if they have any left?

Found you while looking for a picture of Pambiche- which I borrowed - hope you don't mind!

Happy New Year from a fellow Portlander