Monday, March 09, 2009

C Is for Cookie

When I was young, one of my favorite toys was my Cookie Monster doll. I loved him so much I insisted he was in some of my annual portrait photos. There I was with the fake tree background, sitting on a carpeted lump, holding a googly-eyed fuzzy blue Muppet. I think the doll is in my Dad's attic in South Carolina. My love of cookies is still right here in my heart.

Cookie lovers of the world, unite! It's Girl Scout cookie time! If the girls in green didn't get by your house (do they still sell door-to-door?) don't think, "Oh well, I guess that just how the cookie crumbles." You can find a sale in your area.


Marie said...

I should probably just give them money without asking for cookies in return. I love cookies (Samoas! Mmmm!) but my desire to take off my winter fat is already battling my deep and abiding love for Cadbury Mini Eggs. I'm not sure I can fight this war on two fronts.

I love the Cookie Monster too! If you haven't seen the clips of the proto-Cookie Monster performing on the Ed Sullivan Show (back before Sesame Street started) you need to check out the DVD called "Muppet Magic." It's so fantastic. The good ol' days when all Muppet skits ended with some critter blowing up or getting eaten :)

Desiree said...

I already ordered my tagolongs and thin mints and have the ice cream in my freezer. Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream season is a hallowed time for our family!