Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just Wait Till Alaska Melts

My roommate, Lizzy, is about to take a vacation in Texas. This time last year, I lived in Austin as a travel nurse. Giving her suggestions about places to visit has made me miss it. Nothing like sunny and 75 in the winter. Here's a postcard I found in Smithville, TX and a few songs that make me think of the great state.

That's Right (You're Not from Texas) - Lyle Lovett
Under the Texas Sky - Ferraby Lionheart
Texas - PlayRadioPlay!
Songbird - Willie Nelson and Ryan Adams


chelsea said...

willie nelson + ryan adams? oooh. that sounds good. love your new banner.

Lizzy said...

Thanks for the music! I'll be sure to eat some TX BBQ for you:)

Marie said...

I think I might like TX if I gave it a chance, but I'm afraid to try, because if it did turn out to be a great place I'd have to eat a lot of insults I've delivered over the years.

Desiree said...

I love TX food too!