Sunday, December 11, 2005

Blogoblast - n, 1. a baby blog

So if I'm actually doing this, starting a blog, I guess it's best to tell all the ugly secrets right up front (I'm sure that "open-book" technique doesn't have any bearing on my lack of dating). Anyway, here it is, I'm a nerd. I won the math award in high school. I was a chemistry major my first year of college. After graduating with a slightly less scientific sociology degree, I am now back in school getting a nursing degree. What this all boils down to is that Mandi, my college roommate, was right, "Once a chemistry nerd, always a chemistry nerd." I love chemistry, pharmacology, and math. In fact, when I go to the gas station, I figure out the miles per gallon in my head decimals and all. Balancing equations gets me all sorts of hot and bothered. Trivial Pursuit is my favorite game but no one will play with me so I'm subjugated to watching Jeopardy alone, gloating and boasting only to myself.

In case you didn't believe me about the nerd thing after all that supporting evidence, let me convince you by explaining the title of this post, see a blast is a type of cell that will then turn into something, like an osteoblast becomes a bone cell as it matures. Not exactly sure what this blog will become but I'm excited to see how it and I both mature through this process. Thanks for stopping by and lending your support.


Tamara said...

That's okay Ansley. I love nerds. Especially the ones with strawberry on one side and grape on the other. Those are the best.

Ninny Beth said...

my friend adam found this t-shirt that I think you can now honestly says, "I'm blogging this" and it means that from now on you will think in blogs.

You will walk down the street, see something cool and think, I'm blogging this. And before you know it your baby blog is going to be all growns up.

I love it, nerd! keep it going. And be sure to put one of those word identifier things on your comments page so that you can keep the creeps out. :)

kaarina said...

hi ansley! i'm lending my support!

i didn't know you were a nerd! now i find you even more fascinating!


Sara McOllie said...

I will play trivial pursuit with you anytime. Nerds are great! My family is full of them. We have the history nerds, the math nerds, the science nerds. What's not to like about someone who wants to know things?!?!

Plus, I started a blog for the exact same reason you did and just about as unwillingly. Hang in there!