Sunday, December 18, 2005

Luxuries of Snow

There are so many reasons to love Portland, the Willamette and Columbia rivers, Powell's books, views of Mt Hood, Mt St Helens, and Mt Rainier from the top of the Fremont bridge, Forest Park, Multnomah Falls, Farmers' Markets, the Oregon coast, First Thursday, Pioneer Square concerts, and the list goes on. One other reason is the weather; sounds weird to say that about a place with a reputation for daily rain 8 months out of the year. Rain doesn't bother me, I am however, less fond of snow with the icy roads and walkways. And if slick roads weren't reason enough to be grumpy, here are a few more, all plans for the rest of the day are cancelled including homemade pizza with friends and a Christmas party, Tamara couldn't get to church which means she has been in town for 2 days and I still haven't seen her and probably won't for at least 2 more days, my very part-time, 2-day-long job being cancelled for tomorrow which cuts my Christmas budget in half, and being stuck at home with no hot chocolate. But if it must snow, as it did today, here are the luxuries of snow, the good things that only happen when it turns this cold and icy.

Slipping and sliding in high heels but not falling

Feeling more in the Christmas spirit than before

Broken boughs of fir trees on the snow-covered sidewalks and roads, as if Mother Nature decorated for the season

Enjoying my heated car seats even more than usual

A good excuse to put on PJs and be cozy and lazy for a long afternoon

Lots of time to chat on the phone with far away friends

Remembering a forgotten bar of dark chocolate I could use to make chocolate chip cookies

Scarves, coats, and new corduroy skirts

The fastest tithing settlement ever, so everyone could get in, out, and home safely

Homemade soup

Being the first person to drive through the pristine fresh snow on my cul-de-sac

My landlord leaving a small bucket of sand outside each apartment door

Work being cancelled tomorrow and getting to sleep in; which leads to the last item...

Realizing many things that originally seem like annoyances can turn into joys

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Adam said...

Good attitude!