Monday, December 19, 2005

Shakespeare Was a Visionary

To paraphrase the Bard - All the world's a blog and all the men and women merely blog fodder.

My friend, Ninny Beth, just left a comment on a previous post about a T-shirt that says, "I'm blogging this." And it's true. I've heard that photographers start to see the world as it would look through the lens of their camera. For being such a reluctant blogger, I am starting to see the world through the lens of my blog, finding interest in all the mundane bits of my days, attempting to be more descriptive in my phrasing, and assuming you want to hear about it. About just finishing The Kite Runner, about the almost full orange moon over the city on Saturday night, about my flight home for Christmas, about the new music I just downloaded, about weird reunions with old boyfriends, about my future plans after nursing school.

And so the warning goes out to all around me, you might show up on these pages. I cannot, in good conscience, give the disclaimer found so often on the front pages of books, that any resemblance to person living or dead is purely coincidental.

If I’m figuratively wearing the “I’m blogging this" shirt and commenting on the world, I hope the world isn’t wearing this shirt.


Sara McOllie said...

Well, you won't be seeing that shirt on my personage!

Adam said...

That shirt is just there to pester the kind of wannabe poets and writers who think that having a blog means they're published. Those kind of people make me a sad panda.

Ryan Remains said...

Shakespeare sucks!