Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Smile Like You Mean It

Here are the things that made me smile today:

A sunny day with no school and no work

Waking up without an alarm clock

Spending part of the day washing my car

Almost reaching my fundraising goal for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life

Chocolate soymilk and banana in a blender

The new Mac ads with the guy who played Warren on Ed

My apartment's secret garden in full bloom

My nice landlord being sure I saw it since it is kinda secret even to me

Hanging new art on my walls

Listening to Tamara's master's thesis, a 35 minute radio spot about Mormon dating in NYC

That wonderful moment at the doctor's when your name is called and you get to leave the waiting room - then leaving with a clean bill of health

Making vacation plans for the end of school

Hope you had a day full of smiles too.

P.S. If you haven't heard about the Relay for Life, click for more info or to donate.


Ryan Remains said...

The YA novel King Dork.

This article...

A new job.

Being vegan again.

Pranks Andy Kaufmann style.

aisy said...

those mac adds are very clever. nicely understated.

today i'm happy because the workday is almost half over.

Sara McOllie said...

I personally love those adds because of the other guy. He is one of my favorites on the Daily Show. His discussion of how a nuclear weapon is assembled was pure genius. Love his deadpan delivery!