Thursday, May 18, 2006

When Did Tandy Start Designing Websites?

All of my posts have been short lately and this one will be no exception. Just one month left of school so I'm busy but I took a break and spent a few minutes on one of the coolest band websites I've seen recently. The Raconteurs. Maybe it's because I remember when computer screens really looked like this, but I loved it, especially how you navigate around sans mouse. Say what you will about them, I like Brendan Benson, and the song "Steady As She Goes" but they do risk overexposure.

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Tamara said...

Are you going to see them at the Roseland on July 27th?

I love that site! But I know I'm idealizing the past with that green-lettering. I actually was really irritated with computers back then -- and thought I was too cool for them. WOW. They've TOTALLY surpassed me on the cool level.