Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Better Week

A few months ago, I posted about a hard week.

Yesterday, we met with our nurse manager to discuss patient satisfaction and how it's tallied off of surveys patients get once they are home. We get lots of positive feedback in person but only the frustrated people actually fill out and send back the surveys. So I'm trying to buck the trend of people only sharing bad news and not the little good things too. Here's what's good at work this week, in contrast to the last post.

I had a patient who, in the middle of me trying to stop her nose bleed, said, "You have the cutest dimples ever." And tried to set me up with her grandson.

And another patient, while I was listening to her heart and lungs, said, "You have exceptionally beautiful skin." And also guessed my age at 8 years younger than I am. Never mind that she was a head trauma patient...

And yeah, blah blah blah, it was a good week, I did a good job, people lived, and all that other stuff I should say...Did I mention people said I was cute!


Jessica said...

You aren't just cute Ansley. You are beautiful!

Chelsea said...

Hooray! For good things!

Marie said...

My former roommate was a speech pathologist at a convalescent home and she had a bunch of funny lines, especially from patients who had dementia. My favorite was the old dotty lady who grabbed Kierstin's breasts and said, "these are lovely, Dearie -- take good care of them!"

Sara McOllie said...

Marie, That is fantastic. I am so glad you shared that!!

Ansley, even though we all know you are cute it doesn't hurt to have people tell you. Maybe she could be like the old man from In Her Shoes and her grandson could be this cute guy....yeah.