Monday, May 07, 2007

National Nurse's Week

In case you didn't know, this is National Nurse's Week. Please feel free to send your appreciation and gratitude my way...

For you, a few covers from nurse romance novels. This one might be my favorite but there are lots of other funny (and embarassing) covers, I'll post a few each day this week.

“She became furious one moment with rage, then cold the next with despair. She remembered how Viola Belsare acted whenever Craig was around. She suddenly became all warm and melting, very much a woman. Otherwise, she was as crisp as chilled lettuce.”

“She shook her head, her hair brushing his chin. ‘No, I don't mind at all,’ she said softly. And trembled as his lips brushed her hair, ever so lightly.

And thought . . . who was it said dreams never came true?

. . . Or was it ‘whom’?”

I love this one for it's concern over proper grammar even in the throes of passion.


lenalou said...

Oh my, those are hilarious. "who vs. whom" kills me. Thanks for sharing, and thank you for being a nurse. Lots of appreciation to you.

Chelsea said...

Ha! I love these.

Marie said...

Hooray for the human side of the medical establishment! Speaking of which, have you seen Wit? One of my all-time favorites, and the most wonderful nurse character.

So you're a collector of nurse-related trash fiction? These are *fabulous.* A friend of mine loves to read bad novels aloud to others (a la Cecil Vyse in A Room with a View), and I'll point her toward your blog!

I love "she was crisp as chilled lettuce." It's too bad that in her moments of womanly passion she's not "warm and melting like a cheese fondue." Symmetry, people! Symmetry!

Jessica said...

It's things like this post that make me recall why I think your personality is so awesome. This is funny Ansley. Aren't you glad you are a nurse with all this fantastic sexy allure?

Happy appreciating nurses week!