Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nurse's Week - Fifth and Final

So this post is a day early becuase I am going out of town tonight. More on my trip to Portland later. Nurse's Week was good, my patients were fairly healthy and the management bought us pizza.

I feel I must make one confession/clarification; I don't actually own these books, I was looking for an image for Nurse's Week and found a few of the covers and they led to this website, more for your enjoyment there.

"The tall, leggy blonde grinned at Poppy. 'Frankly - I was so glad to get out of that Alice-in-Wonderland outfit that I bought myself ten new uniforms!' She stood up. The nylon uniform hugged her curves like skin. 'Who'd like to take bets on whether I marry a rich patient or a rich doctor?'"

"You nurses make me sick to my stomach," she snorted. "Letting on that you're so much better than other people. Money doesn't matter to you. You're only interested in being noble and dedicated." Her voice mocked. "Everyone has his price, sweetie. What's yours?"

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