Monday, July 16, 2007

Wrapped Up In Books

I like to read. See there on the right, the very first thing I list is the books I like or am reading. I keep a journal of what I read. My dream house would have a library with extra-tall ceilings so I would need one of those rolling ladders to reach the top shelf. So it makes sense that Kelly just invited me to join and I love it. You can find books you have read and rate them. You can "linkup" with friends and see what they have read and how they rate those books. And they have book groups so you can join groups with similar interests and see what they are discussing. And it's all FREE!

P.S. That picture used to hang in my room when I was a little girl.


Kelly said...

i am so glad you like it. i need to keep adding books.:)

Marie said...

Thanks for the invite! It's a great website and I'll be adding my books soon. I put them into Library Thingy months ago, but I like Goodreads better, so I'm going to defect.

Love that picture. When I was growing up a print of the painting Jungle Tales was on my wall (a mother reading to two daughters). The mesmerized girls reminded me of me and my sister -- me listening attentively to the story, my sister looking off into space, imagining even stranger things.