Friday, April 25, 2008

Noun (n.) - A Really Cute Store

Someone I have never met, Mrs. French, left a very nice comment on my post about moving back to Portland. Well, her blog, Bliss, is amazing. Too many beautiful things to share here and why would I when you should really go look at her blog.

Her most recent post is about Noun, a store in the Belmont dairy area of Portland. The website for this store is fun, the tagline is great - Noun - A person's place for things. I'm a grammar nerd so this makes me very happy. I have been in love with lamps lately, a great one really defines a room and has a purpose, a wonderful combination of form and function. Look at these beautiful lamps. And they sell art by local artists.

And did I mention one more important enticement... It's next to Saint Cupcake.

Well I gotta go get ready, I know where I'm going today.


Chelsea said...

Pretty lamps. I love her blog.

Chelsea said...

P.S. That store is soooooo Ansley!

Mrs.French said...

Oh Ms. Ansley I am so glad I found you. I think this is the beginning of a lovely friendship. :) I am sure Noun was so happy to have you.