Thursday, May 22, 2008

Found: Furniture on Craigslist

I just found a few things I really like on Craigslist:

Lately, as I've been planning my future living room in my head, I have been trying to figure out what color sofa I want. I really like pale turquoise, brown, and orange together. I would love a turquoise sofa but that isn't very practical for such a big investment. Turquoise throw pillows are one thing but the biggest piece in the room is another. So, right now, I'm leaning towards a dark brown sofa. This one is old but kind of fun.

This desk is so unique. Some of the mid-century stuff gets too plain and linear but this is beautiful.

I really like both of these lamps, I would probably update the yellowed shades but they definitely have potential, especially for only $29.

And the best find of all was this chair. Almost exactly like the one I just bought for $30, but this one is $225!


Mrs.French said...

Oh I do love a gal who knows a deal when she spots it!

D'Arcy said...

oh my gosh! buy the lamps, buy them now or I will be forced to do so! Those are amazing! and the desk! I love it so much!!! How fun! Hey, how are you doing? Life, love, pursuit of's a daily task!