Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm All Lost in the Supermarket

But this site, Supermarket, makes it easy to still shop happily. (Want a copy of Lost in the Supermarket? You're welcome).

I think it's a sad commentary about me that when a site is too small I want it to be bigger, have more stuff, but then when it gets bigger, it's to hard to sift through everything.  I'm struggling with craigslist right now.  

Well, Supermarket is a lot like etsy but smaller.  Right now it seems to be just the right size.  I found so much that I want but didn't feel that I was probably only seeing 10% of the site.  Here are a few things I found:

12fifteen - Has letterpress coasters, notecards, placemats, and prints.

three sheets 2 the wind - pillows and prints

typography photography - the name really says it all.

Nina Dinoff Jewelry - Not only do I love the name Nina, I love pretty jewelry

Sean Tubridy - clear, crisp, colorful prints. I really want this "Home Economics" series.

Elly Nelly - I'm not always a fan of wall decals but some of these are really cute. And I love this one, it looks like it's been placed on a shiny red fridge.

blue ant studio - prints about modern furniture design. I couldn't decide which I liked more so I had to include 2 images.


lenalou said...

Great links. I needed something else to spend money on. Oh wait.

They are lovely, though.

Mrs.French said...

this is so what I don't need. I am sure I will become an addict.