Sunday, June 18, 2006

7 Down - 5 Letters - Big Screen Entertainment

I should be writing about my graduation yesterday and I will soon but I just found out about this movie, Wordplay. It's about crossword puzzles and competitions. It's a documentary with Will Shortz, the guy who creates the NYTimes puzzles and is also the puzzle master on NPR. Plus Jon Stewart. I have liked him for at least 10 years, especially after I heard he proposed to his wife in a crossword puzzle.

The movie opens next Friday, the same day as my graduation party. I've never semi-regretted having a party. So this is my new mantra, "I can wait for the movie..."


Sara McOllie said...

Let me know when you go as I would like to see that too. Like you, crosswords are just one of many things to love about Jon Stewart.

Ryan Remains said...

Does anyone remember the Jon Stewart show? It was kind of lame. But crosswords totally rule. Ekatrina does them a lot. I prefer the guitar.