Monday, June 05, 2006

Smiling About The Land of Smiles (That's Thailand)

One year ago today, after taking my finals early, cleaning my cute little studio apartment where I had lived for 3 years, and moving all my stuff into the garden shed of the lovely and generous Tamara, I got on a plane to Southern Thailand. After over 40 hours on planes and layovers, I reached my final destination, Khao Lak.

I know I have written about this before but not a day goes by that I don't remember that trip, think about the people there, the changes I hope are still happening, notice sunspots and freckles I got while there, wear some cute shoes from Thailand, or look at pictures I took. So here are a few pictures...

The view from my hotel room. How lucky was I?!

My first day, going to the worksite. The rainy season if you couldn't tell.

Mixing cement with some visiting monks

Yep, that's me, twirling fire on the beach

I'm posed like a dressed down Vanna White but I built this whole wall all by myself. My eyes are closed from fatigue, it's either that or the dust from sawing concrete blocks in half is in my eyes.

Jaime and me after a long, hard day of work

Thanking Linda the Elephant for the adventure

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Ryan Remains said...

that looks fun. i built a rock staircase by myself one time, but a cement wall is much cooler. nice work.