Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oregon Food Bank Cans Film Festival

Since I've moved back to Portland and gotten on a more normal work schedule, I have started doing things I like to do such as volunteering.  I have volunteered at the Oregon Food Bank a few times and think it is such a worthwhile, well-run organization.  They always accept donations and you would be amazed how much they can buy with your monetary donation.  But next week there's a special event - The Cans Film Festival.  On Thursday September 25, you can see a movie and get popcorn for free by simply donating 3 cans or boxes of food at Regal cinemas in the Portland area.  Check out the site for more details.  


D'Arcy said...

That's awesome! I've been looking into volunteering for this pantry run by the episcopal church. I have to be honest, the whole church is run by women, and it's pretty appealing to me and I just love that they too, in a sense, have a bishop's storehouse.

the people of the world are all just trying to do the best that they can to help one another, and I want to be apart of that.

way to go ansley!

Marie said...

Why do you keep telling me about fun Portland things? Are you trying to torture me?

Well tonight we had a Mormon boy group crooning in the Assembly Hall. Jealous?