Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Oui ou Non? Mais Wii!

Guess what my awesome parents got me for my birthday last month...  A Wii!  I love it! Before getting my very own wii I had only played once before and was NOT good.  I'm getting better and loving the practice.  I've made a mii for me and my roommate.  I like all the games but by far my favorite is boxing.  I love working up a sweat and getting a bit violent.  And then I start yelling at the TV telling my opponent, "You stay down when I knock you down!"  I might even swear a bit.  

So far I only have the free wii sports.  I definitely need to get more controllers and of course, guitar hero.  Any other suggestions?  What are your favorites?


Tamara said...

holy cow. best title for a blog title EVER!

Ryan said...

Awesome!!! I laughed out loud at the thought of you swearing at your tv. I have heard that Mario Kart is a lot of fun on the Wii. Best of luck with your new video game addiction.

kaarina said...

so hilarious!! love that mental picture... {:D sounds really cathartic.