Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm Thankful for Water

Living in the Pacific Northwest, it's so easy to forget that there are places that don't spend 6 months practically drowning in rain. I can take warm showers for as long as I want. This weekend I washed a new red shirt with only one other piece of clothing for fear of the colors running. All I have to do to get clean, safe drinking water is walk to the kitchen and turn on the tap.

H2O Africa states, "Our objective is to increase awareness of the African situation, empower people to action, and create sustainable alliances between people who want to help, the best organizations in the field to make it happen, and some of the amazing communities of Africa that have no clean water." Matt Damon has partnered with this organization to help raise awareness. He became interested when he was in Africa and met a young girl who, when asked what she wanted to be, smiled and said she wanted to move to the city and become a nurse. He realized the only reason she could even have this dream was because she didn't have to spend her days walking long distances to provide water for her family. Her village has a well.

H2O Africa partners with numerous NGOs and features over a hundred projects. You can donate in general or to a specific project. Even better, thanks to their partnerships, every donation is matched. And if your office has a matching donation program, it could be tripled.

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Marie said...

I love this. Hooray for celebrities who aren't just philanthropy-inclined, but make sure they focus on really important things and use the best minds and organizations to get it done instead of throwing a wad of cash into the air in hopes of attracting cameras. If you have clean water, you solve so many other problems, including crop failure and many diseases. I looked up their partners on Charity Navigator and only Living Water International was there (not surprising -- they only have bigger charities), but it was highly rated. Thanks for letting us know about this. The matching donations makes it even more exciting.