Monday, November 03, 2008

Music Monday - 11/3/08

I thought musicals were supposed to be happy. Well this Music Monday is more of a drama or maybe even a tragedy. Last week, after my post about The Pretenders, I got a email from Blogger saying that they had been notified of a copyright infringement and took down the post. I'm not sure exactly what will happen to Music Mondays in light of this. So I thought I would turn to the professionals, some college friends of mine who only share legal downloads. There really are a lot of them out there so maybe I can dig a bit deeper and find more to share with you, until then enjoy 3Hive.


D'Arcy said...

Man, way to ruin a good party!

So, what about Christmas music? Is it ok to start listening to that yet?

Mrs.French said...

that's dumb...just saying...xo t

Marie said...

Oh my word! Big Brother's watching our blogs!