Monday, February 18, 2008

Everything's Bigger In Texas

And not just bigger but also...

80's kitsch-ier (at an antique shop in Smithville, TX, the town where Hope Floats was filmed)

Prettier and glass-ier (more antique shops in Smithville and Austin)

Glassier and Strangely Religious-ier (yep, that's the Last Supper on a butter dish)

Bargain-ier (I think this was a fireworks stand but I'm buying pretty much whatever they're selling if it's 9 for the price of 1)

Get-it-all-in-one-stop-ier (How many RVs do you think are outfitted with high-end antiques and art?)

NPR-ier (Story Corps was in San Antonio this weekend and so was I)

Lucky Timing-ier
(The annual Alamo reenactment we stumbled upon)

Creepier (At least 3 antiques shops in Smithville and Austin had random body parts in piles, buckets, and jars Why?)


Lizzy said...

What a fortuitous place you live in!

Chelsea said...

So funny. I want to come visit!

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Chelsea - I would love that plus I owe you from staying with you last time I was in Portland.

Marie said...

Bloggabley-er! I LOVE the vintage body parts :) I'm going to have to come visit you -- I'm running out of ridiculous things to blog about.

Happy Texas to you!

Ryan said...

This post reminds me of that new Nike commercial. Take a look: