Thursday, February 07, 2008

I <3 You

This is how not cool I am, I actually had to google how to make the "heart" symbol. Despite my lack of emoticon knowledge (and honestly, is that really such a bad thing? they can get pretty complicated), I do have a few cute ideas for Valentine's gifts.

Remember the sliding lid tins of lip balm that came in fun flavors like Dr Pepper and Strawberry? Well, other nostalgic people who are more entrepreneurial than I, now sell similar ones. Now I just hope I need lip balm this year.

Chocolate and cola flavors at Sephora

These look more vintage but are also $14.

And this place has at least 30 flavors even if the images on the tins are a bit cheesy, they are only $3.95

You could also get creative and make your own, recipe here, and tins here. And, no, that's not me on the lip balm page, her name's Ansley too; that's how I found the site in the first place. I don't yet own a Princess Leia hat.

I love, love, love, these cards. They're made of 100% post-consumer materials and have wildflower seeds in the paper. Once you are done with it, you can plant it and have flowers that last longer than cut ones. They make other stationary too, so even if you don't have a valentine, you can share the love and flowers.


erin wilson said...

Thank you for the Jen Corace info! You are the best!!!!

D'Arcy said...

I think the most romantic thing I could hope for this Valentine's Day is a renewal subscription to The Economist. However, Sephora is a very close second. When I got to New York monthly, Sephora and Magnolia Bakery are always at the top of my list. I have been thinking about dropping my current career to open a branch of the chain at the Gateway!