Thursday, February 07, 2008

Stop Worrying, I'm Alive!

OK I'm in Austin but before I write about it, I thought I should clear out the 6-7 post drafts that have been sitting around since Christmas.

I finished up in Virginia in mid-December, packed my car, and drove to my dad's in SC. A few days later, I flew to SLC to see my mom. Mostly we just did stuff in SLC but one day we went snowshoeing in Park City. It's always nice to drive up the canyon, get out of the inversion smog and see the clear blue skies and white snow. Along the trail, we found a tire swing. It's much harder to get on one with snowshoes on, or maybe it's just part of getting older.
We had Christmas dinner at my dad's house. My Aunt Pat gave my Aunt Mary Ann lingerie and they both laughed a lot. I love the fun of Christmas gatherings and wish I got to see my East Coast family more often.
A few days later, my dad and I went to Charleston to see my grandmother. She is amazingly spry considering she is 90. She walks up stairs, hops in and out of the car, and swings her legs over the arm of a chair with the greatest of ease. She's a super hero. Dad and I also walked around Charleston. I haven't lived there since I was 18, I don't want to do the math to figure out how long that's been. I like to go visit so I can remember more of my hometown. It's a very historic place with winding cobblestone streets and horse-drawn carriage tours. As much fun as it was to wander and be a tourist, my favorite part is always watching true tourists either loving it and/or getting completely lost. Overheard on this trip: "Maybe we should just take a damn carriage ride to try to find our car."

A few days later I repacked my car and drove to Austin. More on that later. Or sooner I promise!


lenalou said...

She lives! Nice to have your blog back, glad your holidays were fun.

Sara said...

Welcome back Ansley! I went snowshoeing a few weeks ago and came across a tire swing sans tire. Fun to swing but no one tried it with the snowshoes on.