Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Half-Birthday

So today is my half-birthday (I'm an only child, can you tell?). This means in 6 months I'll be 35! Such a scary age, not sure why that seems like such a big number, such a milestone, but it does. I usually set new goals on my birthday and while I'm sure I won't be perfect by then, I'm setting some now so when August comes around, I'll be ahead of the game. Here's a big one, I made a payment on my student loans yesterday that means I have paid-down more than half the loan (in a mere 13 months)!!!

And, in my honor, The Cloonster's movie Michael Clayton comes out on DVD today. I finally saw it a few weeks ago and it was great! My boyfriend is so smart, good-looking, and thoughtful to think of me today!


pygmalion said...

i love that you call your boyfriend "The Cloonster." What happened to Michael Phelps? Does he know about this?
I saw an interview of him the other day and he sounded dumb. Must be all that chlorine...

Tamara said...


i just left that comment and didn't realize that Russ was still signed in on my computer.

at least now i can leave you two commments!!

Marie said...

Happy late half-birthday! I have to say it sounds a bit sick to celebrate the approach of a birthday that scares you (even thought it shouldn't scare you, 'cause you don't look a day over 26), but I guess any excuse to eat ice cream and cake is a good excuse.

Your boyfriend is also a womanizing commitmentphobe. I say keep the DVD, but throw the bum out.