Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm It, You'd Better Run!

I've been tagged by Lena and Chelsea. So here it goes...

1) I might have the most expensive thumbs of anyone you know. I had to have surgery to repair the ligament on my left thumb and I broke my right one, also requiring surgery. I've also had surgery on both my pinky toes (but I guess they're the opposite of thumbs. Is the big toe the foot equivalent of a thumb?)

2) I sometimes think of quitting my job and working for the peace corps or other type of long-term volunteer group. But worry that 34 is too old to drop out of regular society.

3) I love Reese's peanut butter cups and have a whole rating system for which are best. My favorites are the big holiday ones like Christmas trees and Halloween pumpkins, they have the best peanut butter-to-chocolate ratio. And it grates when people say Resee's with the long EEEEEE.

4) Someday, I hope to make it onto Jeopardy, or at least Cash Cab.

5) Now that I'm living in TX, I've lived in all 4 continental US time zones.

6) In 2004, a few days after I got my first cute short haircut, I was in the library at Portland Community College doing pre-reqs for nursing school, and was asked to be in a photo shoot for campus. That's me in the black shirt in the banner at the top.

7) And here's the secret I'm not sure I've even fully admitted to myself - I think I might be done with travel nursing. This doesn't mean I've figured out where I want to live or seen all the places I want. Just that I'm tired of being lowest on the totem pole, working nights, and constantly moving, learning new hospital systems, and having to complete many hours of boring orientation coursework every 3 months.


Lizzy said...

Travel nursing does sound kind of tiring. You've had lots of fun, though, yes? I wonder what your next adventure will be!

Chelsea said...

Cool.. thanks for playing along. And, yes you look super cute in the PCC photo:)

lenalou said...

That photo (and hair) is cute. Thanks for sharing some great facts. I'm curious to see what your next life change is.

D'Arcy said...

Reeses, peace corps, volunteer, traveling, time zones! Awesome, I feel we have several bonds already!