Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mid-Century Love

Lately, I have been enamored of mid-century design. I just have to figure out how to afford it. Here are two ways to enjoy it for less:

The Postal Service (the mail people, not the band) has just released a set of stamps to commemorate Ray and Charles Eames. The Library of Congress also has a lot of info on them.
Next April, Portland is having a Street of Eames. Yes, I know that's about 9 months away but if you work weekends like me, you might want to go ahead and make sure you request some time off, Something tells me I'll like this so much more that the usual Street of Dreams - those houses are always too big and overdone. These look just about perfect!

And, if you are lucky enough so that money is no issue, these realtors specialize in modern homes.


Sara said...

Yeah, I am excited for the Street of Eames. Given that I already see posters for it, I am surprised it is 9 months away.

But a side note: apparently none of last year's Street of Dreams homes have sold. That what you get when the least expensive one is $2 million or so and pretty impractical. These are just right.

D'Arcy said...

Ansley, you are in the WRONG profession girlfriend! Have you ever thought about interior design? I'd hire you. You have an eye for beautiful things and putting them together. Wouldn't it be fun to see what you could create if money weren't a barrier? That's a house I'd love to see.

We should just ditch our jobs and go out and transform the much better than all those cheesy over the top bedrooms on extreme makeover!

Mrs.French said...

Oh yes..the Street of Eames...I am dying to go. The stamps are in my price range..I have a hard time swinging anything else.

Chelsea said...

Actually Ansley, D'arcy has a good point. I was thinking the other day that it would be really great if you started a little business where you refinish and redo furniture. Maybe once you buy your house?