Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yes You Can Play with Your Food

I'm such a nerd for themes. I love Halloween for the chance to dress up. Tonight, I'm getting together with friends to watch My Boys and since it's about a girl, who writes about baseball and hangs out with her friends in a bar, I'm bringing Cracker Jack's and bottled root beer. I've had dinner and a movie parties where all the food had to tie in with the movie. I've always thought it would be fun to have a kebab barbeque and figure out dessert that can be made on skewers. So I was excited for this idea. Dessert sushi! I've made my own regular sushi and it's so easy and fun and would be great at a party, and now I have a dessert option. I think there will be a party in the future!


Mrs.French said...

I am rsvping now...I am so on top of this! I have had the Swedish fish sushi at a party...wonderful!

Lizzy said...

Can't wait for the parties!