Sunday, June 08, 2008

Vintage Logos

This flickr set contains logos from an out-of-print book, World of Logotypes. The 70s really created some simple yet beautiful logos using only geometric designs and interesting fonts.

They remind me of a quote I saw on the windows of Design Within Reach in Washington DC. "An interesting plainness is the most difficult and precious thing to achieve." - Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe

The Mountain Shop

Eastern Business Systems


Grafton Productions

Liquid Paper

Found via Dark Roasted Blend, one of the top 50 Blogger blogs.


Chelsea said...

Love that quote.

Marie said...

These are great. I'd never noticed how nice the Liquid Paper one was even though I've seen it many times. I have an admiration for good logos. I remember how impressed I was when I realized the logo of the Utah Humane Society incorporated a dog, the shape of the state of Utah, and a heart quite seamlessly -- all three aspect of their mission in one image. I also was proud when my design concept was chosen for our high school a cappella choir shirts. I turned the letter A into a grace note and felt so very clever.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Marie - you are so creative and smart I'm not surprised that you would create something that even high school students would love.