Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pretty, Pretty Words

Summer is the season of parties, BBQs, and other events that require invitations. There are so many wonderful letterpress companies out there but if you want to make your own, a nice font is one way to personalize them.

Have you seen this. geoGreeting, a site that uses the shapes of buildings as seen from above to spell out your message.
I think this one is perfect for spring/summer. The Butterfly Alphabet. You can order pictures, posters, and send e-cards. And you can choose the butterfly alphabet
or the nature alphabet

Helvetica is great, so clean and simple. Anything Crate & Barrel uses is good enough for me. But sometimes you need a more decorative font. I love this site. They have so many cute fonts and themes. And they're FREE!!!  I just spent about 2 minutes looking around and found all these.  Imagine the possibilities.


Mrs.French said...

The butterfly alaphabet is the one for me and thanks for the site girlie!

D'Arcy said...

I love them. I am very much into nice handwriting and expressing yourself through beautiful fonts. I want to know how you always get such a cool "Hey, It's Ansley" pic up on top of your website. I LOVE them!! My site needs a little vamping up!