Sunday, June 08, 2008

The New Math

Sometimes it amazes me how quickly I can click from one site to the next and find new, interesting, fun stuff. I was looking at How About Orange, which mentioned the top 50 Blogger blogs. One of them is Indexed, a hilarious, creative blog that uses math concepts to demonstrate the relationship between things in everyday life. I know that sounds scary and you might need to review how Venn diagrams work (easiest explaination I could find, the Wikipedia one WAS scary). But be brave and keep reading. Here are a few of my favorites, not too mathy.

These reminded me a bit of Demetri Martin, and his visual aids, which is a good thing, he's hilarious!


Chelsea said...

I love this site. You should create some.

Ryan said...

I love Demetri Martin's visual aids. He is so funny. Thanks. I needed that this morning.

Sara said...

The thing I love about these is reading everything and trying to guess the "punchline". Brilliant. But then, I like mathy things.