Sunday, March 05, 2006

Dinner and a Movie...

Several months ago I thought it would be fun to have a dinner and a movie club, kinda like a book club, that gets together to watch a movie and have a potluck dinner where all the food somehow ties to the film.

Last night we watched All the President's Men. Several people brought food but did not yet have an idea how to tie it to the movie so here is what we came up with, some are admittedly quite a stretch:

Coconut shrimp - served at the Sundance restaurant, owned by Robert Redford, who plays Bob Woodward, one of the reporters

Hummus and pita bread - from the Middle East, the current cause of much political controversy over war.

Brushetta - sometimes made with rosemary. The first explanation about the missing 18 1/2 minutes of White House tape was that the secretary, Rose Mary Woods, had accidentally deleted it.

Caesar salad - Nixon and Caesar were both powerful would-be dictators who were both removed from power (although Nixon resigned just before impeachment).

Vietnamese chicken salad - one of the reasons Nixon bugged the DNC was over the anti-Vietnam war issues.

Tiramisu - mentioned in Sleepless in Seattle, which was written by Nora Ephron, who was married to Carl Bernstein, one of the reporters

Apple pie - all American

Chocolate chip cookies - yummy just like Robert Redford

Sparkling peach juice - Nixon's almost impeachment

I loved/was amazed by this movie. It was intriguing and kept my attention even though there were no chase scenes, no one was killed, and there was almost no music to intensify the stressful scenes. And it definitely echoes some of the political concerns of our times.

Any ideas for next time?


Tamara said...

mmmm... yummm...
i'll have some of all of it please. including robert redford.

aisy said...

i love that idea! (i also loved the attempt to make the food fit the movie... lovely)

Sara McOllie said...

Have you ever seen the original Manchurian Candidate? Angela Landsbury was no Jessica Fletcher (character from Murder, She Wrote) in that film. Or else Maltese Falcon. Are you wanting more classics, or modern day flicks?