Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Say My Name, Say My Name

I do love Destiny's Child, or at least some of their music, but that's not the point of this post.

I am reading Freakonomics right now and find it interesting, easy to understand, and at the same time, perhaps too basic. I wonder what the data really says. I am a firm believer that statistics can be used to prove what you want. So I do question some of the statements in the book.

One I found particularly interesting, as it is personally relevant, was the idea on page 203 (if you have the book). This chapter talks about baby names and what has been popular in previous years and then speculates what the most popular names will be in 2015. There's a list of about 25 girl names and my name is on that list. Ansley, there in black and white, in a real-live published book, a New York Times Bestseller no less.

I have always had to spell my name, in fact, when asked my name, I usually just say, "Ansley, A-N-S-L-E-Y"

The most common mistakes are either Ashley, if someone is reading it, or Angie, when hearing it. I also get Ann, I guess the assumption is Lee is my last name.

But my favorite goes like this...
"What's your name?"
"And what's your first name?"
"That is my first name."
Like I think I'm James Bond or something.

A weird name is not without its benefits as well. Once people know my name, they know it. When I haven't talked to someone for a long time, I can call and just say, "Hey, it's Ansley." and they know which Ansley, because they (usually) only know one; except my friend Christine who has a 2 year old daughter also named Ansley, which I take as a huge compliment and responsibility.

So the news that my name might one day, and not too far away, be fairly common, is bittersweet. The thought of not having to spell both my names (difficult last name too) is exciting but the thought of losing some of my uniqueness (uniquity??) is not so exciting.

If you want to read the full list of names, maybe you are about to have a child and want to be ahead of the curve...click this link from slate.com and scroll down to the end.

While searching for an image, this came up... Yikes, and the confederate flag, nice touch! (edited to remove name on tombstone)


aisy said...
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aisy said...

boy oh boy can i relate. my name is aislinn (ashlyn) and they either just hear "ashley" or look really confused when i spell it out. my last name is also a first name so when i'm asked for my last name they often repeat "your last name." duh people, i know my own last name, thank you very much.

Tamara said...

hey! it looks like 2015 is the year! there are two girls' names on that list that i've always liked for babies.
now i just need to find someone to practice making them with... he-he-he :)

paul said...

I've always admired your beautiful name, Ansley. It makes me think of something clean, spicy, and fragrant (maybe a mixture of anise and parsley).

Sara McOllie said...

When Ansley mentioned this list to me, I had to admire that two of my favorite boy names "oliver" and "cooper" were on the list. But that's because I love my little cooper named Oliver. But really, I am saddened a bit because some of my favorite boy names are on the list and I don't want them to be too common.

If only cool names like Ais and Ansley could be common enough so that the spelling and pronunciation issue didn't exist but still rare enough that it retains some of it's uniqueness.

Stargirl said...

Hey, even with as common a name as Audrey, people still mix it up all the time. Probably not as much, but still, I understand the annoyance. And to see the struggle people had with my maiden name! I'm glad I married someone with an easier name. Which, by the way, in response to your previous post, was a little weird requirement for whomever I married. :)

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel, beleive it or not, my name is Ashley Ansley. Most poeple think my name is Ashley Ashley when they read it, or they ask me which is my first name and which is my last. It can be annoying at times, although I have gotten used to it....