Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ansley Miller. Yep, That Sounds Good.

I didn't set out to jump on the Rhett Miller blogger fan club bandwagon, then I saw him sing, play guitar, talk to little kids, and shake his hair around, and jump I did.

The show here was sold out so I went to an in-store performance at Music Millennium. There were several great things about this:
  • It was free
  • A wide range of people were there and I love that about Portland. The people next to me were at least 65 and there were lots of kids around 2-4 as well.
  • Rhett took requests since lots of people there couldn't get into the sold out show.
  • He sang an impromptu kids song that he sings for his own child, further cementing the crush, mine on him, not his on me.
  • Laura joined me for the day and, having never heard him, liked it.
  • Music Millennium just happens to be next to Papa Haydn's

    P.S. I know he's married, OK! No reprimands are necessary.

    Ryan Remains said...

    I'm kind of jealous even though I prefer the Old 97's older stuff. But singing to kids is probably where it's at.

    aisy said...

    don't you just LOVE him? i thought about him for a week afterwards... mmmmm. you were much more mellow on your post. i was a crazy freak.

    Ninny Beth said...

    oh you saw rhett be all dad like!!! I am so jealous. I love him. I love him. I love him. sigh.